COVID-19 Protocols

For the safety of all of our guests and staff, we have established a COVID-19 protocol for the museum and rentals. If you have an upcoming event or would like to rent a room at the museum, please call 620-241-8464 or email director@mcphersonmuseum.com for more information. Thank you for understanding.

12:41 pm|

Changes to Museum Hours

We have decided to change the hours of the museum to the public. We feel that these changes are beneficial to both our staff and our guests. The hours to the museum for the public are now 1pm to 5pm, Monday through Friday. The museum is still open Saturdays, 11am to 5pm. Our staff will still be at the museum in the mornings, including the Convention & Visitors Bureau, so if you need to schedule meetings or events with us please reach out to do so and we would be happy to let you in. If you have any questions pertaining to the updated hours please call the museum at 620 241 8464.

Thank you!

9:55 am|

McPherson High School Class Reunion Has Been Cancelled

Due to COVID-19 and following the restrictions and guidelines provided by the McPherson County Health Department on groups gathered in public spaces, we have decided to cancel the reunion for the safety of our staff and guests. If you have any questions please call the museum at 620 241 8464. Thank you.

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