‘LOVE COMES FROM THE HEART’ by Shirley Morris located in the front cases 

Shirley Ann Goranson was born in Lindsborg, KS the year her parents moved to McPherson. She attended McPherson City schools and graduated from McPherson High School in May at the age of 17.  The following month she was hired as a secretary at the Intermediate School (which was later Park School).  Shirley worked more than 21 years in the USD 418 School District cherishing many friendships among Staff members and students.

60 years ago she married my high school sweetheart, Rex J. Morris and became “Sam” to many school students and friends. Shirley and her husband owned Morris & Son Clothing Store which was started in 1930 by Rex’s father and grandfather. All of their children worked at the store and Shirley was a gift wrapper during the Christmas season. Shirley & Rex have three children, Ted of McPherson, Kathy of Manhattan and Jonathan of Lawrence,  8 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.

She has always had a special love of Hearts and without realizing it Shirley was collecting them along life’s way.  About 30 years ago the McPherson Sentinel called her and wanted to do a story on her Heart collection.  She decided to enter them in her new computer and was surprised to find she had quite a collection (which has grown to more than 900).  Many have been gifts from family, friends and “new friends” who knew Shirley collected hearts.

Most people think of hearts in red and pink, but Shirley has heart items from more than 37 countries  &  more than half of our states in many colors from black to green.  They are made of many materials such as wood shavings, silver, metals, stones and so on.  She had too many for one room in their home so they spill into every room, garage, yard, and her car.  (She even has a heart dust mop, fence for her flower garden, and a license tag.)

Among her hearts, she has discovered there are at least 30 smaller collections, such as Angels, bells, candy boxes, postage stamps.  One of her antiques is a tin box of her Mothers which is from the Crispo Biscuit Company of Chicago which she has had since the 1940s

In her scrapbooks, Shirley has stamps, address labels, valentines made by her Mother and family members.  Shirley has more than 150 Scripture verses from the Bible mentioning hearts, a collection of Heart sayings and Poetry, some of which she had written, and the programs she has given.

The Heart has become a universal symbol of many countries in the world. View Shirley’s collection now through the Spring located in the lobby of the McPherson Museum.