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Etzanoa – Discovering the Great Settlement on the Kansas Plains

Located in southern Kansas lies the ancient settlement of Etzanoa, once home to the ancestral Wichita Native American people. The Spanish Conquistador Juan de Oñate led a party there in 1601 where he discovered a city that held 20,000 people making it one of the largest Native American cities in North America. Over time, the city was abandoned and its location became a mystery. In 2015, Wichita State University archaeologist Don Blakeslee began a field study in central and southern Kansas with the goal to re-discover the long-lost city. His efforts paid off and he found the location of Etzanoa near the present day town of Arkansas City.

The McPherson County Historical Society will host Dr. Blakeslee as he tells of his research to find Etzanoa, what led him to the location to begin his excavations, what they have found so far, and what they hope to find in the future. As an added bonus Dr. Blakeslee encourages guests to bring any Native American artifacts they may have for identification.
All historical society programs are open to the public and are free of charge. We hope you will join us.