Meteorites from around the United States and other countries can be seen. Most were collected by famed meteorite scientist H.H. Nininger, a former professor of McPherson College. At one time Nininger had the largest private collection of meteorites in the world. He also started the first museum dedicated solely to meteorite science. Come and browse […]

Ice Age Fossils

Skeletons of a dire wolf, saber tooth cat, and a giant ground sloth from the famed La Brea “Tar Pits” are featured. These skeletons, as well as other bones from the deposits, were collected by the first collegiate graduate of McPherson College – James Zacchaeus Gilbert. Gilbert moved to California and taught biology and zoology […]

Dr. J. Willard Hershey and the Synthetic Diamond

Dr. Hershey taught chemistry at McPherson College and is credit by some as creating world’s first verified artificial diamonds. Hershey and his student assistants went through many trials and tribulations before they produced their first diamonds in 1929. Learn about the process Hershey used to synthesize diamonds (Hint: It involved using sugar carbon). See the […]

Globe Refiners Basketball Team

The McPherson Globe Refiners were an Amateur Athletic Union basketball team sponsored by the Globe Refinery from 1934-1936. During their short existence they placed second and the National AAU Tournament and in 1936 became the AAU National Champions. Six players and Coach Gene Johnson were placed on the United States Olympic Basketball Team. They competed […]

Thank you Walmart!

Friday, April 12th at Walmart McPherson‘s Remodel Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting the Museum received a $500.00 donation. We cannot thank Walmart enough for their generosity and for supporting the community!

The Early Days of McPherson as Seen Through Real Photo Postcards (RPPCs) Exhibit

Real Photo Postcards came into vogue during the first few years of the 20th Century. There were several reasons for this. In 1905 the United States Postal Service introduced a special rate for postcards – one penny. This cheap rate began a nationwide boon of a postcard mailing. Another contributing factor to the surge in […]

Little Free Library

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2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report for the McPherson Museum & Arts Foundation Annual Report – The McPherson Museum by the Numbers

McPherson History

Various exhibits are found throughout the museum depicting the history of McPherson, Kansas. New exhibits are being added that will continue to tell the story of the city from its founding in 1872 through today.