Museum Map & Features

New Museum floor plan

The new museum floor plan. Click to enlarge.

Facility Highlights:

The McPherson Exhibit Hall will house the many stories of life in our city in an engaging and interactive manner.

The Feature Exhibit Hall will offer in-depth exhibits on a variety of subjects, changing throughout the year.

The Art Gallery will showcase the Museum’s collections, including its Birger Sandzen pieces, art from the USD #418 collection and traveling exhibitions.

The Gathering Hall provides multi-purpose space for 100 people, and may be divided into 2 classrooms of 50 each. Exits to the terrace increase the mingling space for social gatherings such as weddings.

The 48-seat Theatre will host movies, presentations, and lectures.

The Catering Kitchen, with its drive-up entry to deliver food, cakes, etc., will simplify preparing for events.