Dr. J. Willard Hershey and the Synthetic Diamond: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Information about Dr. Hershey, McPherson College professor and creator of the first visible synthetic diamond, includes photos, a small diamond, a knife switch, and a silent film of Dr. Hershey demonstrating how he created the diamond.

Meteorites and Rocks:

McPherson College professor, Dr. Harvey Nininger, is considered the father of modern meteoritics. Photos and information about him, and our collection of meteorites and rocks.


Native American Pottery Collection:

Our collection of prehistoric Southwest pottery, baskets and statues tells a story of its people.

African Collection:

19th and 20th century jewelry, gourd pots and helmets, weapons, art, musical instruments and bellows are among our collection of African artifacts.

Chinese Collection:

19th and 20th century women’s shoes, jewelry, vases, stuffed toys, and an extensive snuff bottle collection are just a few of the artifacts in the Chinese collection.


Our collection of arrowheads, projectile points, and tools of regional tribes helps us understand the people who dwelt here before us.


La Brea Fossils

A dire wolf, saber tooth cat, and giant ground sloth from the La Brea tar pits, along with smaller fossils and fossils from McPherson and the region are among the Museum’s fossil collection. La Brea artifacts were donated to McPherson College by its first graduate, J. Z. Gilbert, who discovered them in the early 1900s at La Brea.